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Frequently asked Questions

Who is Zilra for?

Zilra is definitely not for everybody.

Zilra is built for Indian freelancers and 'service-based' small businesses that work with customers across the globe.

What are service-based small businesses?

It means that we only work with individuals and businesses that sell 'services' and not 'products'.

If you are business that sells physical products and need a checkout solution (to integrate Zilra on your website), please send us your contact information to

We will keep your information on file and let you know when we support product-based businesses.

Who is Zilra NOT for?

Zilra is definitely not for

  • Freelancers and businesses trying to receive payments from marketplaces like Upwork,, etc.
  • People trying to send/ receive money for purposes other than business.
  • People trying to trade currencies - crypto or otherwise.
  • People trying to sell products of any kind
  • High-risk businesses
  • Illegal businesses (duh!)

What is your pricing?

1.90% + $1 for eCheck payments and 3.90% + $0.50 for credit and debit card payments.

What is your currency conversion rate?

Currency conversion rates fluctuate by the minute. Whatever be the time that we process your payout, we will apply the Interbank rates - i.e. the rate that you see on and

We do not make money on the currency conversion - unlike Paypal, Payoneer and any other payment service that you might have heard of. We follow a transparent pricing structure.

How long will it take to process the payment?

Whatever be the mode of payment, the first time you receive payment from a customer, it will take 4 to 7 business days for the payment to get cleared.

From the second time you receive payment from the same customer, it will take 2 business days flat.

Can I integrate Zilra to my website?

No, you cannot integrate Zilra to your website. In order to get paid from a customer, you will have to login and create an invoice.

Should my customers sign-up with Zilra as well?

No. Your customers, i.e. the payers, need not sign-up with Zilra. Only the payment receivers will have to sign-up with us.