Bank Transfers
1.9%  +  $1
Supports U.S. Banks only.

Credit & Debit Cards
3.9%  +  $0.50
Cards accepted Worldwide.
Additional 1% cross-border fee will be applied on payments made via cards issued outside of the US

Awesomely Transparent

Fast, Predictable transfers.

Everytime you request a payout, you will receive your money in your bank account within the next 2 US business days from the time of your request.

2 business days

From the time you request payout.

Wire Transfers and Currency Conversion

You can choose to receive your payouts via INR or USD. If you opt for our INR payouts, we send your payout via NEFT or IMPS directly to your Indian bank account. We do not charge you for the currency conversion nor do we make money on the conversion by offering poor currency conversion rates. We offer wholesale forex rates for all our customers.

If you opt-in to receive your payouts in USD, the payout will be sent via International Wire to your local bank account. In this case, the currency conversion will be handled by your bank and you will have to negotiate the rates with your banker directly. You get to choose between Wire and NEFT every time you request a payout from Zilra. Click here for more information about payouts.

$27 $0


If one of your transactions happens to get disputed by the payer or if any of your ACH transactions get declined by the payer's bank for any reason, we will charge you a non-refundable dispute fee of $20 per disputed transaction along with the full disputed amount (gross invoiced amount). Disputes are less common but the most common reasons for disputes from the payer's bank are:

  • Insufficient Balance in the payer's account to cover the payment
  • Chargeback filed by the payer
  • Incorrect payment information provided by the payer


Per Dispute