How to Receive Payments?

Building the most convenient and economical way to
receive cross-border payments.

1. Sign-in/ Sign-Up
You can request money from both Zilra users and non-Zilra users in the same way. It is not necessary for your Client to Sign-up with However, to receive Zilra, you will have to be logged-in to If you aren’t a user yet, you can sign-up on using your information. Once you upload the required documents, your account will be verified within 1 business day.
2. Send Request
Once logged-in, you will have to click on 'Request Zilra' tab and enter the required information. You will have the option to either send a simple request with or an itemised invoice with description using our invoicing tool.
3. Information Sent to Client
The request/ invoice is sent to the client via email along with a link where he can make payment. Your client can choose to make the payment either online or via check.

4. Payment Instructions
If your client chooses to

Pay Online - He is shown instructions on how he can give us the required information and send us the completed check draft authorization. zCheck Demo

Pay by Check - He is sent instructions on how he can mail a check to our collection-center in Chicago, IL. Check Demo

5. Mail the Check / Send the Authorization
Your client will have to mail a check drawn in favor of 'Zilra, Inc.' (for the invoiced amount) to our collection-center.

In case he chooses to pay online, he will have to send us the check draft authorization form via email, fax or upload it online.

6. Arrival of the Check / Authorization
You and the client will be notified via email once we receive the check / authorization.
7. Settlement
We will submit the check / payment instruction for settlement to our bank.
8. Payment Made
Upon settlement of the check / payment, we will credit Zilra in your client's wallet and forward the same to your wallet automatically.