We feel that pricing has to be transparent and the customer has to know what he pays for. You never have to be concerned with our fee because all we charge is

- for buying Zilra
- for sending Zilra
- for receiving Zilra

Withdrawal Fee

The Withdrawal fee is the only area we make money and that's why we prefer to keep everything else at 0%.

INR Withdrawal - $25/withdrawal

Withdrawals are processed via NEFT, Zilra handles the currency conversion. Rs. 66.122/USD is the exchange rate offered today.

USD Withdrawal - $50/withdrawal

Withdrawals are processed via SWIFT, your bank handles the currency conversion. Please get in touch with us at support@zilra.co for more information.

Check Dishonor - $20/check

The aforementioned fee will be charged on your account if the check sent by your customer happens to return for any reason.